Regional Comic Book Marathon


Regional Comic Book Marathon

Crossing Borders through Graphic Storytelling
The idea of the Regional Graphic Storytelling was developed by the Actual Art, small organization from Gyumri.
The aim of the project was to present thoughts on freedom of expression to general public, assist in trans-border exchange and develop graphic storytelling in Caucasus region, where - except Turkey - it is underdeveloped since Soviet times.
Graphic storytelling can be a tool, a common language of communication between the neighbors dealing with their difficult relations and history. Social topic of the marathon was equally important for the artists from the entire Caucasus region. It gave a common ground to share and exchange ideas and build the bridges for further cooperation.
Around 60 comic books artists form Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey participated offline and online in the 24 Hour Graphic Storytelling challenge event in Gyumri on 15th and 16th of June 2013. They had 24 hours to tell their stories on 24 pages.
Due to the occupation of Gezi Park and clashes, the event in Turkey had been postponed and finally organized on 2nd and 3rd August 2014 in Kınalıada.


exhibition, poster design, typography, social media brand ambassador

Client: Actual Art


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