“is the company of ideas” which seeks always the "latest"and offers solutions for marketing issues by embracing not only today's attitudes but also tomorrow's.

Kitchenew's main purpose is to help people out with getting in touch with brands. No matter where and how it is going to be or which media it is, bottom line is to produce "the idea in a new way".

We are chasing after the "latest" for making a good contact between brands and individuals.

It is a crystal-clear fact that there exists a lot of pattern still waiting to be discovered to express the "latest".

Hence, our purpose is to find the most effective way to give people a new point of view which clears up marketing issues.

If you are part of a company seeking"the latest" you cannot simply work with formulated stereotypes.

Thus, it is the latest as well KITCHENEW's organizational structure.

Leaders who do have more than ten years experience in their fields• we call them "chiefs" •create new teams in accordance with every brand and every project. That keeps masterminds, relations and ideas fresh.



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