Findigo #geceyisansabirakma

Findigo Mobile App Findigo is a new generation app that one can create or join events at popular clubs.

What is the difference between other similar event apps and Findigo?
You can check other Findigoers' profiles and photos, and choose participants for your events. You can also decide who will pay the bill beforehand and with whom you're going to party.

What is Findigo point? How does it work?
After creating or joining an event, you will automatically collect Findigo points. More points means more approval; participants prefer people with more points and the chance of having a party will increase.

What are the advantages of having nicknames? 

After a lively and sociable event, people can give you nicknames to evaluate you. Those could be references for your future buddies who want to join your events.

How to decide which place to go?
You can see the list of all the nightclubs by clicking home page and pin up your favourites. Or if you feel like discovering new spots, you can do that with other Findigoers.

Why should I follow other Findgioers?
Follow a Findigoer! Thus you will be notified when they create a new event. So you won’t miss out.

Can other Findigoers see my Facebook account?
No, Facebook account is apparent only when you allow someone to join your event. After matching-up, it is possible to send a message to event-owner.

Is Findigo free?
Standard membership is free. For those who want privileged membership, Gold and Platinium memberships are available.

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